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The description “seeing the general in the particular” was referenced by Peter Berger for the concept of the sociological perspective. To elaborate, he meant that the specific and individualistic patterns that occur in society can be broadened and expanded on to be seen in general. Applying this to real life instances, almost everything in our life can be seen in this view. For example, many students go through the transition of whether to pursue post-secondary education—college or university—or not. The decision of whether to pursue post-secondary education and where, is based on a number of factors; for instance, future career goals or aspirations, personal finances, and influence from fellow peers, all represent at least one form of the sociological theories that describe social behaviour. These factors are dependent on the idea that a student will pursue post-secondary education and do not take into account those who choose another path.
Those who choose to not pursue post-secondary education are often adjudicated and are believed to have an unsuccessful future. Since childhood, …