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The Thames Valley region is predicted to face serious water shortages over the coming years associated with an increasing population, water leakage and climate change . Analyze the scale of the problem and to suggest engineering solutions to water supply .
1.no table content or abstract or appendix required.
2.first part of Introduction needs to be direct, states what the essay will cover and talk about.
3.look at other countries that face similar problems, see what they have done to reduce the water shortage ( Germany for example since its very advanced) always relate it to the Thames in terms of applying or adapting a method . If theres anything done in other countries that we can do.
5. in relation to the engineering solution to the water supply or option, as mentioned above, always relate everything to the Thames, what can be done to help with the water shortage such as desalination and other solutions.
6. Include graphs and diagrams relevant to this essay (Include a couple), Thames river in specific, try to find relatively new data . place the graphs and figure under the appropriate text. and explain it, not in an appendix. if the graph/ figure contains data relevant to Thames river with other data, compare the data and explain.
7. reference with Harvard referencing, reference all the images or graphs used underneath them as well. In text reference swell. professor is very strict.
8. write a conclusion
9. evaluate,compare and synthesis
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