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Possible Causes
The sole reason for the Safely Surrendered Baby law is to prevent child abandonment in infants, which can usually lead to death. Parents are known to also to commit neonaticide (the killing of a baby on the day of its birth) in other cases. This matter has made itself known through media, which makes it spread like wildfire; but the probable causes are never listed properly. The complexity of the arguments surrounding baby abandonment is also deepened by the multitude of cultures.
Recent attention to the problem of abandoned babies, and resulting legislative remedies, are responses to the often-publicized stories of babies left in unsafe public places. Regardless of the lack of a clear classification, this is a clear problem that experts also lack information on the characteristics along with the motivations of parents who abandon their babies. The Abandoned Infants Assistance Resource Center at the University of California, Berkeley, has published a fact sheet on leaving infants, which integrates research on neonaticide and media reports of baby abandonment …