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The Role of the Media in Influencing Political Attitudes in a Democracy
The public gets political information on their preferred candidates or parties from different people and through the media. In today’s world, social media has also been one of main platforms that shape the public opinion. However, engaging in discussion with other members has proven more informative and persuasive than other methods including social media. Mass media is critical in forming the opinions of the members, and they use the discussions and insights they gather from the media to generate their own ideas and viewpoints (Zaller, 55). The media has experts’ analyses who give opinions based on facts and experience on the matters facing the political parties or members of a given party. There is also an expert breakdown of the different policies to help the public understand the advantages and disadvantages on a given policy to be implemented by the political parties.
Thesis statement: the media plays a pivotal role in influencing political decisions and attitudes in a democracy by changing…