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The Role of Social Work in Relation to Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse
Over the decades the prevalence of child abuse has been phenomenal.
Throughout Britain the abuse of children is an issue which is no
longer hidden or covered up, not a week goes by where a newspaper
doesn’t report the beating of a young child, the neglect of another or
the arrest of a paedophile. These stories have always existed, from
Cleveland to Fred West. The public reacts to these stories, asking why
no-one stopped it?
Child abuse is a huge arena and so I am going to concentrate on Sexual
abuse and I intend to look at what it is that the social worker does
in dealing with child sexual abuse. For many, it has taken decades to
admit that child sexual abuse exists, in the past it has been brushed
off has childhood fantasy or a misunderstanding. Today however, the
sexual abuse of children is taken very seriously.
I am going to take a look at some of the laws and policies followed by
social workers dealing with sexual abuse cases or suspected …
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…work training prepared
them for dealing with the prevention of child abuse.
In Social work with children and families, the following advice is
given when responding to child abuse, to listen, be supportive, don’t
judge, don’t make promises that cannot be kept and don’t dither in
reporting any concerns. There are however no simple checklists that
can be applied when trying to determine whether or not abuse is taking
place and there are no easy steps that can be taken to make it go away
or magically get better.