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The Role of Policy Regulations and Financial Investments in Climate Sustainability: Can Policy Regulations and Financial investments lead to a Green economy in the UK?
This chapter gives an introduction to the Green Investment Bank. What and why it was established and its statutory mandate and how this relates to achieving climate sustainability in the UK. The Bank’s relationship with the UK climate change act of 2008 should be discussed to knit the concept of policy regulation and financial investment in climate sustainability for transforming the UK into a green economy by 2030 which is the backbone of the research. A discussion of the Banks implementation approach-i. e Top-Down or Bottom-Up in its investment patterns in sustainable climate projects and initiatives will be done in this section. This chapter will focus on the FOUR empirical sections of the Bank’s areas of investments. These would be: Offshore Wind Financing, Energy Efficiency, Waste Management and Renewable Energy Financing. A Summary of the main ideas should be done at the end of the chapter.
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 ,Role of Policy Regulations and Financial Investments