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The Role of Finance in Economics
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Finance is a branch of economics concerned with providing funds to individuals, businesses, and governments. Finance allows these entities to use credit instead of cash to purchase goods and invest in projects. For example, an individual can borrow money from a bank to buy a home or an industrial firm can raise money through investors to build a new factory. Governments can issue bonds to raise money for projects.
Finance plays an important role in the economy. As banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions provide credit, they help expand the economy by directing funds from savers to borrowers. For example, a bank acquires large amounts of money from the deposits of individual savers. The bank does not let this money sit idle but instead provides loans to borrowers who might then build a house or expand a business. The savings of millions of people percolate through many financial institutions, spurring economic growth.
A wide variety of financial institutions have different roles in finance and the economy. Some ins…
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