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Women these days think that they have to live up to what men want them to be. That is exactly why the pornography industry is as powerful as it is. Men want to see women having sex with multiple partners, other women, and even animals. Just because it sells doesn’t mean that it is okay. Women are being seen and used as sexual objects, not humans. There has to be a point where we, as women, say that we will not degrade our selves for you men anymore.
Violence has also been added into the industry as well as mutilation. What are we imposing when we allow this type of activity to go on? One would think that it is okay to do – why not; they do it in the movies. Men are getting off to this sort of thing, and we don’t see anything wrong with it. Maybe there is something wrong with the women. Have we allowed ourselves to some extent be brain washed? It is a possibility that we have let men take too much control over our minds.
It has been studied at universities all across the world on sexual behavior after watching pornographic films. They have found that men are more sexually aggressive after viewing these movies. Ted Bundy would be a prime example of this behavior. He was much into the pornography. He stated, “As a teenager, my buddies and I would all sneak around and watch porn. As I grew older I became more interested and involved in it, pornography became my obsession.” Is it a possibility that pornography is acting as a key and unlocking the evil in the more unstable minds? I tend to think that it has a helping factor in it. They are also more likely to become violent while performing sexual activities. Things like hitting and scratching their partner. After viewing the videos the researchers asked a series of questions to the men. They found that the violent acts
against women were labeled “normal”. If it becomes normal to them, than it becomes a threat to us. When will they know when to stop? They think that it is “normal” so why stop? This behavior is insane. What happened to the days where a couple loved one another? It is said that men like pornography because they have control issues, lack of self worth, or they have a fear of women. So continuing on this so-called power trip for men is only hurting us ultimately in the end.
Some of the blame has to be put on the women too. Not only are they the main providers of the filth, they are also viewers of it too. Today, you can’t even log on to the Internet without having ten pornographic sites advertised. This industry is inescapable. How did we ever let it go so far? It seems like it would have been stopped long before it became such an overwhelming issue. Who is truly to blame, maybe the independent filmmakers of the sixties? Unlikely, we as a society have let it go this far — so indeed, that would make us to blame. But seeing that we have excelled this much in so short of time — is it a possibility that we could turn it around in the same amount of time? It is doubtful, but this seems to be our only alternative route.
So what are our choices as Americans? We can either accept or decline the issues of viewing pornography. The decision is merely up to the individual person. We can only hope that if they decide to accept, they won’t take their sexual frustrations or fantasies out on an innocent person like you or I. This cannot be ignored, or it will get worse — time has proven this to be fact. It isn’t just going to go away unless people start to regress back to the old days; when they actually loved and cared for each other. . We can only hope that some day this will be
true. And maybe I have over rated this subject, but I have considered the “other side” and I don’t agree with it. I can only hope that when my children are old enough to make their own decisions they make one that will be in their best judgment, and not one coincides with what society says is okay or alright.