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The purpose of this exercise is to have you apply what you have learned in this class as it relates to the psychology of sport as found in the movie you have chosen to see. Please discuss some of the psychological skills that have been covered in this class that are seen in the movie. The paper should be two to three pages in length. The movie must be one that deals with sports. You need to see the entire movie, while noting the various psychological aspects as seen in the movie (motivation, leadership, etc.). The following list of movies, while not complete, would prove to be acceptable. Rocky Cinderella Man Million Dollar Baby Remember the Titans The Natural Rudy Hoosiers Coach Carter Blue Chips A League of their Own Chariots of Fire Bull Durham The rookie Cool Runnings Miracle Watch a movie with a sport component that addresses at least five mental skills topic of your choice. I listed a few choices of movies on the syllabus: In 1000 words minimum and written in APA format, do the following: • Briefly summarize the movie. • Explain the use of the five mental skills in the movie. • Overview the theoretical development of the mental skill (e.g., from lecture, class notes, book, other research articles). • Present a critique, based on the theoretical development, of how the movie portrayed both appropriate and inappropriate strategies in developing mental skills. • Identify what you would do differently in working with the team, athlete, or individual portrayed in the movie. • Address implications for your own field. For example, how would you apply what you have learned from the movie and through theory to develop this same mental skill (e.g., goal setting) as a fitness leader? • Be sure to use appropriate references and include a reference page at the end of the paper.
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