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The Problem of Internet Porn
This essay will explore the extent of the pornography problem on the Internet, and why they are not as confident under Bush as they were under Clinton.
It’s one of the hottest industries in America. Yahoo! has profited from it. It’s Internet pornography. And with the growth of the Internet, business is booming. But the leaders of the adult entertainment industry are worried. They see the election of George W. Bush and his appointment of Attorney General John Ashcroft as a signal that there may be renewed interest in mounting obscenity prosecutions.
What are the forces behind the recent explosion of sexually explicit material available on the Internet? Through interviews with adult entertainment executives and lawyers, porn producers and directors, federal and state prosecutors, anti-porn activists and Wall Street analysts covering the entertainment industry, there has been exposed business ties between respected corporations and porn companies, the rise of extreme hardcore Internet porn, and the pending political battle that may soon e…