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The paper should answer the following question: “At the beginning of the twentieth century, which organization, the AFL or the IWW, had a better approach to the problems facing American workers?”
Have to use resources from the books called “Who Built America: Working People and the Nation’s History” and “American Workers, American Unions: The 20th and Early 21st Centuries.”
Your paper should have a thesis (argument), set for in an introductory paragraph. The paper should have additional paragraphs, each with a topic sentence, that provides reasons and evidence supporting your thesis. The evidence for your paper should be drawn exclusively from the readings for the course. Your paper should also address possible counterarguments to your thesis.
If you quote, or take specific facts, from the readings, provide a citation at the end of the sentence. Citation format should be “WBA, p.___” or “AWAU p.___” or “SR #___.”
Avoid contractions (e.g., “can’t” “didn’t”) and personal pronouns (e.g., “I” “my”). Make sure to carefully check your paper for spelling, grammar and typographical errors before submitting it.
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