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It’s a multi billion dollar industry, it easily accessible by adults and adolescents, its addiction rate is very high. Its not video games or cigarettes it’s Pornography. Pornography is tearing the fabric of society in half and the demand for it is higher than ever. Some people think pornography is just the simple viewing of scantily clad women but it is more than that. The psychological and mental state it puts people in is the worst. Some people think that there isn’t a problem with it but it takes a toll when you don’t notice the effects it is having on your character. With the introduction of the computer and/or internet, the distribution and viewing of these images is easier than ever. The time has come to eliminate the bonds between this addiction and the ever influencing public it preys on.
To simply it even more pornography is nothing more than sex. An act performed behind closed doors between a man and his spouse. This exploitation of this simple act for not only a viewing audience but for money is insane.
Pornography first starts with the public, or more specifically th…