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LT Business Technology Company
Team Analysis
The team of four individuals involved in starting a consulting firm will build on the strengths of each individual. The following sections will analyze the strengths of team as well as each individual and the roles and responsibilities of each member. In addition a summary of the consulting firm will be discussed as well as five core courses that will be used to ensure the team’s success. To begin analyzing the team, the strengths will first be examined.
As a team, all individuals have vast experience in interpersonal skills. Each team member can relate to other people and have the ability to change his or her own individual communication style to meet the communication style of the person he or she is speaking with. In addition, each member is team orientated and works well in a team environment. Therefore, each individual will be more concerned with the success of the team versus individual success and accomplishments. The other skill shared amongst the team is the ability to give persuasive presentations. While these are the skills shared as a team, the individual skills are the items that allow the team to very powerful when combining the skills of the individuals.
Individual skill sets will allow the team to define job titles and responsibilities specific to each individual. Halle has a strong background and experience with UNIX systems. In addition, she is very resourceful, has excellent customer relation skills, problem resolution skills, a variety of Microsoft systems skills, and has the creative nature with technical skills in web design. Halle will have the title of Unix Technician and oversee the system aspect of the firm as well as take the lead in developing systems for the clients. With all firms, the team will need a person who keeps the business together which leads to Gina’s responsibilities.
Gina’s has strong organizational skills, research skills, typing quickly and accurately, and compiling various pieces of information into presentations. Shea will have the title of Administrative Assistant and be responsible for the overall organization of the firm. In addition, she will be in charge of keeping the firm on track for the desired goals as well as ensuring all the details behind client meetings are in place and presentations are tailored to the clients needs. The next position will include the title of President.
Sean, who has 11 years experience in the business world, will hold this position. In addition, his skills include a strong financial background, leadership and managerial skills, and presentation skills. Sean will be responsible for the overall direction of the firm, make decisions when the team is in disagreement, and the financial condition of the firm. In addition, he will be responsible for building economies of scale by reducing cost, creating efficiencies, and increasing revenue. These same responsibilities will also be required to give advice to the firm’s clients. Sean’s skill set will be tailored to his title of Technical Analyst.
Sam’s skills include strong presentation skills, information technology, organizational skills, dedication, and ability to influence people. Sam will oversee the technology department and consistently analyze the firm’s operating systems and implement new software as needed. In addition, Sam will perform these same tasks for the firm’s clients analyzing the systems a client uses and make recommendations to better suit the clients’ needs. Finally, we will need a person in charge of human resources and marketing.
Angel’s skills included marketing and human resources, interpersonal skills, teamwork, troubleshooting, and labor laws. Angel will oversee the marketing department, determining where and who we will market our services. In addition to overseeing the human resources side of the company, Angel will determine how many employees will be needed and making sure that we stay in compliance will all the labor laws, such as contractor’s license, state laws, and company policies.
Grace is currently one of the lead marketing and human resources executives on her current job. Grace knows that in order to get the company off to a good start there are four major areas that she needs to evaluate. Those areas are the four P’s of marketing, which consist of product, price, place, and promotions.
Product of Firm
The product that LT Business and Computer Firm (LT Business) will offer is basically a service of business management, manager training, and technical support. The target market for LT Business will be small businesses such as restaurants, temp services, and gas station chains. The reason this sector was chosen is because they are a small business but they have to train their employees in customer service as well as being trained to become a future manager. In today’s society the old fashion cash registers have been transformed into computers. With many people, especially those not going through at time when computers are part of the education, managers will be sent to LT Business for training. This training will help the client’s employees learn skills they have not had the opportunity to learn.
With each client’s having a different number of employees in their company, LT Business does not have flat fee for services. All services render will be based on the employee count and how many employees a client decides to send through training as well as the length of time of the contract. LT Business will offer a standard discount of 2% n30 (2% off total invoice if paid within 30 days of billing date.) Since the clients will be sending employees to LT Business’ offices, LT Business will have several locations.
LT Business has 4 different headquarters, which are located in the North County, South County, West County, and Collinsville, Illinois. This will help their patrons choose a location close to their own place of business, and will enable employees of LT Business employees to service them in a more convenient location or in the event an emergency arises. Lana will handle the LT Business marketing campaign.
Lana understands that in order for LT Business to be known there are several avenues of advertisement that will be taken in order to get LT Business out to the public. First, she will place ads in the local newspaper such as the Suburban Journal and the Post Dispatch. Second, she will have advertisement set up on local transportations such as buses, cabs and local restaurants. Lana will also have LT Business materials distributed by LT team members to management and headquarters of local businesses. Lastly she will offer free lectures to the local companies because word of mouth is one of the best forms of publicity.
Lana knows that there needs to be a certain number of employees at LT Business to service the clients as well. By her being in human resources she came up with a total of 17 people at each demographic area to service the respective community. The 17 employees will consist of two managers and 15 technicians. Each location will have five employees during the day, five during the evening shift, and five during the graveyard shift to accommodate the clients that have a 24- hour establishment.
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