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The Internet
In recent years, the Internet had become one of the most useful tools used by everyone on a regular basis. The Internet was the connection between millions of computers that formed a larger network in the world. It provided beneficial tools like surfing (searching) the web for answers or maybe just general information like news updates or sports results. With those beneficial tools also came along bad online people and ideas to harm the users of the Internet. The government should have implemented rules or regulations to the Internet for a safer browsing experience. The government should regulate the Internet because to guard the users from evil people online, exposure of harmful websites, and to ensure the safety of the Internet’s users.
The Internet was a very useful tool to use even though evil people lurked from every corner of the Internet. The Internet boomed immensely in recent years expanding too many methods of having access to it. Almost every if not all schools or businesses had access to the Internet to help with daily tasks. Schools used the Internet that pr…