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There is much importance placed on care givers being able to support people to “have a voice and be heard” Indeed as one of the five K101 principles of care practice, the relevance of care workers being able to achieve this is paramount to the wishes and feelings of the service users being upheld, to establish and ensure good care practice.
In this assignment I aim to discuss how carers can assist service users in this way, focusing on several case studies identified in K101 and further discuss why it is important, how they can do this and what the consequences may be when this does not happen.
Furthermore I would like to discuss a time when care workers did not support service users having a voice and how this impacted on them as individuals.
For my first example I will use Life Story Work and Jordan Morgan (K101, unit 5) a boy who has spent a great deal of his short life in the care system.
When a child goes through a “journey of care” they may have very little understanding of the past. Jordan had multiple placements before staying with his current foster carers consequent…