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The importance of data and quality analysis in health program planning
This is a discussion question and therefore there is no need for intro or conclusion. So the question is:
Post a summary which supports the types of data available, the importance of quality analysis and how you plan on implementing data and quality into the development of the below program. The program to be developed is:
Reduce the proportion of children and adolescents aged 2 to 19 years who are considered obese.
This is a little insight of the planning of this program.
Miami-Dade School County is the fourth largest school district in the country. The total number of students is 347,774 and it consists of 62% Hispanic, 26% African-American, and 8% White ( The Council of State Governnace, n.d.).A
variety of changes must be implemented in the schools across Miami-Dade county to promote healthy living among the students. The first step should be training the staff of every school to promote healthy eating habits, and physical activity. The food menus should be revised and healthy options provided for the students. Carbohydrated drinks and fatty foods such as pizza, french fries, and burgers should be replaced with more offerings of vegetables, fruits, juices not from concentrate, and water. Also, each school can have its own wellness center appropriate for the age of the students. There, they can play soccer, basketball and attend classes like yoga or spinning. A separate class that teaches the children about the benefits of healthy eating habits and exercising can be implemented at schools across Miami-Dade county