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The Image of Women in Sports Today
We live in a world that changes quickly, so it’s no terrible surprise that the image of women in sports is changing quickly, as well. Relatively, it hasn’t been that long since women were not even socially permitted to participate in sports or any kind of physical activity– now, I dare say, it’s nearly expected. There are still remnants of past gender-types, but overall I think the image of women in sports has changed dramatically.
It used to be that women were not allowed to participate in sports– beyond just being seen as unbecoming and unfeminine, it was actually believed that physical activity would harm a woman’s reproductive system. Men did not think that women should or could do the same things that men could do– and maybe they were a little bit afraid to have women try, because of all the perceived notions that a success would shatter. But women tried anyway and, lo and behold, succeeded. So society had to face up to the fact that, yes, women could not only participate in sports, but they could excel at them.
The change didn’t …