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Cause of Nuclear Weapons:
In 1939 just before the start of World War 2 Albert Einstein and several other scientists told the then president of the USA Franklin D. Roosevelt that Nazi Germany was putting efforts into purifying Uranium 235 which could be used to build an atomic bomb. The United States launched the Manhattan Project shortly after this which was committed to research and production that would produce a viable atomic bomb (Purohit V. 2004 Online “The Atom Bomb: A Brief History”).
How a Nuclear Fission Bomb works:
For a nuclear fission bomb to work the fuel needs to be kept in two subcritical mass chambers to avoid the premature detonation of the bomb. For the bomb to detonate the two subcritical masses must be brought together to form a supercritical mass, (Fruedenrich C & Fuller J, 2000 Online) this is usually done in two ways, a gun-triggered fission bomb and a implosion triggered fission bomb. The two subcritical masses are two parts of radioactive metal (often Plutonium or Uranium-235) which are held with in a sphere, with in this is a neutron generator to trigg…