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The History of Media Ownership
The process of homogenization of the industrial sectors during the 20th century didn’t spare the media sector. In fact, it has become common nowadays to find important industrials in charge of media groups. We have entered the era of new “Press Barons” (Curran, 2011) and the consequence of this oligarchic tendency of democracy applied to media streams is that the message transmitted in the press or radio is not politically or economically neutral (Halimi, 2005).
The sociological analysis of those powerful media corporations appeared with the rise of mass media in the 20th century. Media are omnipresent in our everyday life; therefore it is necessary to understand the impact of such force – the “Fourth Estate” as Edmund Burke famously called it – on individuals’ opinion and their political positioning (Curran, 2011).
In this essay we will try to understand how the concentration of the media power influences the public sphere. In order to be realistic in terms of achieving this objective, we will narrow down our research on French televisio…