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There is an ongoing debate on how the current political and economic failures in Africa can be traced back to the advent of colonialism. There is a great deal of evidence that illustrates the impact that colonialism and foreign intervention has had a negative effect on the development of present history of Africa. This essay will attempt to examine the geographic, political and ethnic impact European colonialism has played on the development of the African, and how these contributions have put Africa on its current trajectory.
Initial European interest in Africa appeared humanitarian. Many of the imperial nations seemed interested in acting on behalf of Africa, on issues ranging from the prohibition of slavery to development and infrastructure projects. For instance, the trading of slaves was very common throughout Africa, until it the early 20 century. Capturing and trading individuals into slavery was not restricted to the Arabs and Europeans, in many cases Africans also took part in this practice. In many instances, African kingdoms and clans earned more by trading prisoners i…