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The first clinical decision that you have to make is a very important one. By now you will have realised that Mrs. Clementine is prescribed two different types of analgesia – Paracetamol and Morphine. From the information in the scenario, you know what type of pain Mrs Clementine is experiencing and that it needs to be relieved quickly.
1. Discuss what type and schedule these medications are.
2. Discuss which of these analgesic medications you will administer, what dose of medication you will administer and provide a rationale(s) for your decision(s)?
Identify the at least five (5) key aspects of medication safety that you need to consider in safely preparing Mrs Clementine’s analgesic medication
Calculate the dosage and volume of Morphine that is required for Mrs. Clementine’s analgesia. Show all working for your medication calculation.
Indicate which ampoule you will choose and explain your rationale
Identify the legal requirements for record management in relation to controlled drugs, e.g. information that must be recorded in the controlled drugs register? Identify the legislation that governs controlled drug administration?
Identify the injection equipment that you will choose to safely administer Mrs Clementine’s Morphine and explain your reasoning?
Identify and describe the injection technique that will you use to safely administer Mrs. Clementine’s Morphine. ‘Because the medication is ordered that way will not demonstrate safe knowledge acquisition
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