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Many people everyday get in their car, look at their navigation system and try to figure out how to get home. While they are driving, a voice will direct them in the correct direction, all they have to do is follow the directions. Once they are home they put some food in the microwave. While waiting for the food to cook, they might call someone on the their cell phone or check their e-mail. All of the technology mentioned above has either come directly from the military or researched with the help of the military. The navigation system or G.P.S.(Global Positioning Satellite) is used by the military to help them find there way just like you. It is also used to guide unmanned aircraft and missiles. The microwave oven was discovered while a scientist was doing research on radars for the military, when a candy bar melted in his pocket while he was working on the radar (Kamely 45). Cell phones, computers, and the internet where also researched by the military, to help with their communication and data transfer. The technology that was pioneered by the military has greatly improved our lives.
In recent years critics have condemned the military’s research into new weapon technology, saying it only leads to death and war. However, the benefits and security from the research far out weigh the drawbacks.
Military research today does not concentrate on making the biggest and most destructive bombs or weapons. A great deal of military funds are used on how to save lives not des…