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The Ethics in Securing the Internet
In order to understand the concept of internet security and why it is necessary it would be worthy of analysis to discuss what would happen if not enough of it is provided, meaning that the levels of security are not utilized to the full extents. This is exactly where the big issue of hacking and hackers becomes involved.
Hackers can benefit from a wide range of weaknesses in security, break into systems, find the information they need, and eventually change them to fulfill their desire. This, over the years, has resulted in great deals of information loss in big companies throughout the world, causing them to not functioning properly or eventually break apart. This is precisely where the concept of internet security and its great necessity comes into play.
Why is Internet Security Needed?
To accomplish a good understanding of what internet security is and why we need it, it would be helpful to first go over the concept of internet and a brief history about it to see how it was the first time around, and in what diff…