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There has been the hubbub surrounding racial and ethnic discrimination around traffic stops by the police. The police have been accused of stopping a particular group of people frequently fronting the argument that that group is likely to commit a crime likeillegal possession of drugs or even unlicensed weapons. Most of the scholars who have discussed racial profiling do not deny its existence. In this paper, the definition of racial profiling will be elucidated. In addition, the overall effects of racial profiling will be looked into. This paper will contrast the arguments for and against racial profiling and from this juxtaposition a summary of findings will be made. From the review, a well-reasoned conclusion on whether it is appropriate to ban racial profiling altogether will be postulated. Empirical evidence will be relied from various States will be relied on. Essentially this paper is supposed to draw conversation towards elimination of racial profiling in the context of street level crime….