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The Effects of Temperature on the Action of Enzymes
Aim: To see how changing the temperature affects the action of the
MY HYPOTHESIS: I think that as the temperature increase the quicker
the reaction will become
Outline of method
You add ice to 150cm³ of cold water in a beaker to bring its
temperature down to 10cº. Then a fixed volume of hydrogen peroxide is
added to a pre-weighed piece of liver contained in a test tube. Then
the maximum height reached by the foam produce was tabulated. For
temperatures that were needed to be higher then room temperature,
boiling water was heated in a kettle then added to reach the desired
temperature. The procedure was repeated at the following additional
temperatures: 10cº, 20ºC, 30ºC, 40ºC, 50ºC, 60ºC and 70ºC.
Key variables
1.The independent variable, the thing that you change.
2.The dependent variable, the thing that changes because you have
changed independent variable.
3.They control the thing(s) that you keep the same to make a fair
Explained in detail
The thing that I change is the temperature.
The dependent variable should be the height of the foam.
The controls are the same volume of peroxide, the same concentration
is the catalyse and of hydrogen peroxide and the same mass of liver.
Catalyst explained
Catalyst is a substance that increases the rate of a chemical
reaction. It does this by reducing the activation energy, but which is
left unchanged by the reaction.
What affect does catalyse have?
Catalyse is a very fast reacting enzyme, it is found in numerous
living cells, it breaks down hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen.
One molecule of it can deal with six million molecules of hydrogen
peroxide in 1 minute. Hydrogen peroxide is toxic so needs to be
changed into non-toxic substances.
Fair test
In this Investigation I will keep constant the following;
The same surface area of the liver. I will use the mashed up form as
it will be a faster reaction as there is more area to react on, as we
have to consider the time span.
The same volume of hydrogen peroxide in each part of the
The same size equipment e.g. boiling tubes as the readings for the
results will be wrong if this is not constant.
Use the same method for each experiment so that there won’t be any
major differences. I will only alter the temperature.