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Every day people make decisions that impact their lives, varying from minuscule to dynamic effects. It is widely accepted that eating a nutritious diet may prevent, delay, or lessen certain age-related diseases. Many individuals choose to partake in a vegetarian lifestyle in hopes that it would lead to a more healthful and longer life. While a vegetarian lifestyle has proven to be generally safe and beneficial for human health, the question I propose is what the difference, if any, is between a vegetarian and omnivorous lifestyle over the adult human lifespan in relation to aging and body function? The purpose of this paper is to examine the potential effects, positive, negative, and neutral, that diet, namely vegetarian based vs. omnivore based, has on aging throughout the adult lifespan.
To introduce the topic, it is important to know that for the purpose of this paper, the term vegetarian will encompass all types of vegetarianism, including, but not limited to, pescatarianism (abstaining from all beef, pork, poultry, and foul, but still consuming all da…
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