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The Effect of the Social Context of Scientific Work on the Methods and Findings of Science
The world society is in a constant state of fluidity regarding
everything from social customs and slang to technology and
inventions. With even more abundance, scientific understanding and
questioning evolve as time progresses. As the human race changes and
grows, scientific knowledge of the world and universe must expand to
accommodate the growth. To a large extent, the social situations
surrounding the scientific work affect the specific sciences that are
Historically, the use of science to explain natural phenomenon has
existed for many centuries. Ancient establishments such as Stonehenge
and Mayan temples demonstrate that these otherwise underdeveloped
cultures had accurately grasped such scientific concepts as astronomy
and its effect on the sun, weather, and the tides. Just as this
science was a necessity for the Mayans, for example, to regulate crops
based on the measured passage of time, more moderniziā€¦