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The Economics of Baseball
The economics of baseball has grown since the beginning and has become more complicated every year. Baseball players are now making millions of dollars to do something that they love and enjoy. It’s not their fault the money they can receive has reached the million mark, even for some of the less talent of ball players. This has happened to all sports, but especially to the American pastime. Baseball is more of a business than just a game and many things have made it this way. A lot of reasons have contributed to the rising salaries there is today and it will not stop there. The amount of baseball contracts will keep rising each year.
One of the most notable people to receive an unbelievable contract was Alex Rodriguez. He singed the biggest contract in baseball history with Texas Rangers for an estimated 252 million dollars over ten years. The owner of the Rangers, Tom Hicks, believes that even by paying the superstar 25 million a year, there will still be a big profit. A surprising point here is that even though the Rangers have to pay tha…