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“On your toes,” Ole yelled, at all his teammates.
Ole is my ten year old son, who has been playing soccer since he was in first grade. He plays two seasons a year and we are on our tenth season. Ole has started showing leadership with his teammates this season. Ole’s team shows him respect, he is a very strong player that has always has his teammates backs. No matter how tired he is, he is right there to help his teammates out. When Ole started playing soccer I would have never dreamed of him taking this path. Our family was never into sports, this just fell into our laps while raising our children. Since my eyes have been opened to youth sports, I have seen my son grow with soccer. His growth is incredible every soccer season, I can’t wait to see how Ole will grow. I believe that the playing of sports benefits children of all ages, because the lessons and values they learn in sports outweigh the downfalls.
An article in Parks in Recreation, A Matter of Picking Your Game, By Boris Weintraub, covers how popular youth sports has become. After World War II, parents be…