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Term Paper (8 pages)
A study of a selected social problem that concerns society or individuals today, such as the problems in the areas of poverty, international conflict, corruption of leaders, divorce, child abuse/neglect, steroids in sports, terrorism, advertising, globalization, racism, voter apathy, drug abuse, adolescent suicide, eating disorders. First, the paper should provide an exposition of the problem, documenting its presence, its history, the nature of its connection with human values, and possibly some ways it has been addressed by scholars and/or activists/practitioners. Next, the paper would use materials from the course readings in order to provide a psychological perspective on the values or ethical issues involved. One option would be to explore how different views within psychology approach the problem in contrasting ways. Finally, a critical commentary would evaluate the psychological approach(es) in light of the student’s own views, perhaps including knowledge from other courses and disciplines other than psychology.
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 ,Psychology in a modern social problem