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We’ve all heard the numbers on the amount of television that children watch and the amount of violence that they’re exposed to. In fact, sources that blame TV for children’s conduct quote this kind of data profusely. American children and adolescents spend 22-28 hours per week viewing television  more than any other activity except sleeping (_Effects of Television_). These kinds of facts are strewn about with the hopes of convincing the public that television is to blame for children’s misbehaviors. Sources like these have one thing in common: They believe that if television disappeared, so would many of kids’ aggressive behaviors. Though arguing whether or not television is indeed an influence on children is rather foolish, it is important to recognize what exactly is to blame for their wrongdoing; it is not television. TV shares no responsibility in the actions of children, parents do.
It is common to find in sociology and political science books the main influences on people’s lives. These are usually parents, school, religion…