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Television Violence and Children
The effects of television violence and children can vary according to the child. There are various effects, both physical and psychological, that can occur. First of all, the child, through his years of watching television, may develop the concept that violence is a way to solve problems. The watching of these television shows is where most of the children pick up this aggressive mindset they have. It is to be said that eighty percent of what you learn when you are a child, is from what you see. That in it can become very dangerous to the child in many ways.
Secondly, the child may have a favorite character he or she looks up to, who may have a violent role in the cartoon. Seeing their favorite cartoon character kill another character may give an impression that it?s funny and is okay to so the same. The bright colors from cartoons simply catch the child?s eye. . The viewing of violence does not make the child violent, but it kind of tells them that it is acceptable for their favorite cartoon character to hurt others.
There have been researches that have shown that the estimated child, once passed elementary, will have been introduced to eight thousand murders, and more than one hundred-thousand acts of some sort of violence on television. Those numbers show a dramatic change in the way television shows have increased their violence rate. With numbers like these, violence can be extremely harmful to a child. In recent studies it has been proven that once children are put in front of a television, their concentration cannot be broken or wrecked. Most children who watch these violent shows have been less patient, more aggressive, and more likely to have lower grades than the children who watch television shows like Mr. Rogers. The more the child watches these violent shows, the faster he or she will unnaturally speed up the impact of the adult world. Also, it causes them to have more distrust in others. These effects can be long lasting or
even worse, never ending. Others see television violence as an unhealthy intrusion into a child?s learning process. If that occurs, there whole learning process can ruin there whole future in school, because of the disruption it causes. a