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The topic I decided to do my research paper over was women in the military and how their male counterparts interacted with them. I choose this topic because I’ve often heard comments about women military personnel from male military personnel. This prompted me to want to know how women are treated in the military and how males feel about them.
I think this is important to investigate because the military is one of the more traditional careers that is left in the United States. Also, because it’s only been two decades since women have been allowed to have combat roles in the military. I believe that there will always be underlying friction between sexes in the military because many of the men are very masculine by society standards and they feel threatened by women trying to become as masculine as them.
The research I conducted was in survey form. I asked a series of fifteen, unbiased questions to both male and female military members. An example of one of the questions I asked was, “What has been your experience with women/men in the military? Mostly positive or negative?”. I e…