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strategic planning
Guidelines for Final Course Paper:
Below are the requirements for your final project for this class.
There are eight topic points that need to be included in the paper. The paper should be a minimum of 20 pages; anything under 20 pages will significantly reduce your grade by half.
Please note any paper submitted without references will receive an automatic zero grade. Effort will not be considered in a paper without references and one reference does not suffice as research for the paper.
Review the complete criteria for the project; use the university library for your research. The book and case study is not an acceptable reference that will stand alone in this project. You should have a minimum of eight references from your research and studies most are from sources other than the book.
Description of Final Paper:
To demonstrate your mastery of the concepts and strategies presented during this course, you will develop a Comprehensive Strategic Plan based on a health care facility with which you are familiar. Counts 200 points total.
Please make every attempt to present your paper using APA writing style guidelines. You can either purchase an APA guideline book or type “APA” in a search toolbar such as “Google”. You will find many website that can help you present your paper in APA style. I have also found youtube videos on the paper writings if you are a visual person.
To become familiar with a strategic planning model, please review Case #14 and Case #16 as models ONLY! in your text. In addition, begin to gather information through the e-library or the Internet, for example, which will be pertinent to your final paper. Remember to save all of your references so that you can properly cite them in your final paper.
Here are some tips for writing your paper:
Where to find data: Usually the facilities website will take you to their financial areas that are public.
Internal Data:
• A good place to find internal data would be in the organization’s annual report.
• These annual reports are public information so you will not be working with any “private” information.
• Some annual reports give financial data for multiple years. This is ideal because you can then calculate trends.
• Check to see whether the facility publishes their annual report on their web site.
• Some organizations publish annual reports from a few years, so if one report does not include past year data, you can get it by researching past year annual reports.
• You may find other documents on the web site that will help you with your internal analysis.
External data:
• External Data is not specific to any one facility, so should not be difficult to find.
• City, county, and chamber of commerce web sites would be a good place to start.
Be sure to identify all sources you use in your text and as a reference list at the end of your paper. This will be easier if you keep a “running list” as you write your paper. Use APA format for your references. Include the source in your paper no matter how small or trivial the material from it may be.
Case #14 and Case #16 in the text have good strategic planning models. Use the text freely to identify the sections you would want to include in your strategic plan. Again, remember that you will need to find other sources in order to complete your final project. Use the university library for your research!!
Present your paper with a title page, proper spacing, and topic headings and foremost of all, remember to cite properly.
Please review and contact me if you need assistance with your paper, I strongly suggest you begin this week with your project.
Below is a guideline on how to complete your final project for the A grade. I have given suggested paragraphs for each topic and should be able to do your research weekly so you are not bombarded at the end of the quarter.
Strategic Planning Paper Outline
Cover page (does not count as part of your 20 pages)
1. Introduction (2 paragraphs)
2. Executive Summary (2 paragraphs)
3. Internal Analysis (8 paragraphs or 6 with visual tables)
o System Background
o The Management Team
o Trends/Issues
o Organizational Culture
o Information Technology (IT)
o Financials
o Human Resources
4. External Analysis (4 paragraphs or 3 with visual tables)
o General Environment
o Trends/Issues
o The local health care market; the general external market
o Payor mix
5. SWOT Analysis (4 paragraphs or 2 with clear SWOT table definition)
6. Mission, Vision, Values and Goals statements (4 paragraphs)
7. The Future (7 paragraphs explaining the future services, and outlook)
o Services to increase, decrease, maintain, end, or start
o Organizations outlook: Changes in financial status or operations, changes in human resources, changes in organizational structure
8. Brief Summary (3 paragraphs minimum)
o Summary of what your plan proposes and why
o Argument of why and how the organization will be better off for following your plan
9. Reference page (follow APA guidelines, points deducted if not properly formatted.
A minimum of 8 references one which is your book. Anything under 8 references drops your grade by 15 points (letter grade). If you struggle in your search ask me for help.
Do not use I think, or “I’s” in this paper it is a strategy plan that is based on facts, data and research. If you want to add an “I” paragraph do so in the conclusion ONLY. Do not use a bunch of tables they do not count as written pages. Do not fill your paper with bullet points they are just that bullet points not data. Paragraphs, analysis and facts are what you are striving for here. If you are not sure how to write this type of paper go to the writing lab online through the University library. It will give you the pointers needed for writing. Ask for help early please.
If you submit only half the material, a failing grade will be given.
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