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Speech Why We Need Afirmative Action
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the importance of affirmative action.
Thesis: Minorities and women would not have gained as much progress as they have without the creation and enforcement of affirmative action policies.
I. Attention Grabber
A. Nancy was about to fill an entry position at the local bank, when the hiring personnel was going over her pay she found out that she was being paid $50 a month less than what a man was being paid in the same position. She was furious, because she felt that she was just as qualified and that she was being discriminated against because of her sex. But, when she confronted the hiring personal he didn’t see what the problem was, and he didn’t think that anything was wrong with it. Then several years later she interviewed for the supervisory position.
B. Now, how would it make you feel if you were told that you were told that you were the most qualified candidate for the position but a man was going to get the job instead. Why because he was a man and she was only a women. The reas…
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