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1. What does the word Sociology mean to you? Distinguish between your meaning of Sociology and the books meaning of Sociology. Give three examples of how Sociology is used in your life. (12 sentences)
2. Give three examples of Subcultures and Countercultures within our society. In your opinion and from reading the text why do you think that we have subcultures and countercultures within societies? (14 sentences)
3. In your opinion do we need social structure in order for society to run smoothly? Why or Why not? What would happen if we did not have any form of social structure?
4. What is the looking glass self-concept? Do we develop who we are through the concept of the looking glass self? Or do we develop our sense of self through the socialization process? (15 sentences)
5. What is deviance? Give three examples of deviance within society. Please provide a short discussion as to why your three examples are labeled as being deviant.
6. Provide a brief discussion on Merton’s Anomie Theory of deviance. Within your answer state whether or not you agree or disagree with his theory.
7. What is social stratification? In your opinion do we need social stratification? Who is responsible for social mobility? In detail lists and define the types of social mobility.
8. Distinguish between the terms prejudice and discrimination. Give at least three examples of each. In your own words what does the term ethnocentrism mean?
9. Briefly discuss in your own words the following: a) Gender-Role Socialization b) Women’s and Men’s Gender Roles, and c) How you view the issue of inequality by gender.
10. Briefly discuss religion as a social institution. Is religion needed within the family system? Why or why not?
11 In your own words discuss what education is. Is education needed in order to secure a better paying job?
12 What is demography? How do the three sociological perspectives view health and illness?