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Sociologists attempt to understand why members of a society engage in deviant and criminal behavior. From a macro perspective, deviance occurs when the means to achieve culturally defined goals are blocked. This may be due in part to structural inequalities and power imbalances. On the micro level, there are three theories that provide explanations for deviance and crime.
Consider how socialization influences individuals to choose deviant and criminal behavior. Becker, Sutherland and Hirschi have three different theories about how socialization contributes to such behavior. Becker’s theory is called labeling theory, Sutherland’s is called differential association theory, and Hirschi’s is known as control theory. Each provides a unique explanation to help us understand deviance and crime in our everyday lives.
Write an essay that highlights your understanding of deviance and crime. In your response be sure to define deviance and crime and explain the three micro level theories of Becker, Sutherland and Hirschi. the 3 theories are important please make sure you include them.
the response thoroughly and accurately defines deviance and crime: • Deviance – when cultural norms are violated. • Crime – when laws are violated. Response thoroughly and accurately explains the three micro level theories of deviance and crime by Becker, Sutherland and Hirschi. • Becker: Labeling theory – Associated with Howard Becker and states that when an individual is labeled as being deviant it leads to the individual engaging in deviant behavior. Similar to self-fulfilling prophesy. • Sutherland: Differential associational theory – Associated with Edwin H. Sutherland and states that deviant and criminal behavior is learned behavior due to interactions and associations with others who are engaging in such behaviors. • Hirschi: Control theory – Associated with Travis Hirschi and states that delinquents fail to form or maintain a bond to society consisting of attachment, commitment, involvement, and belief. Individuals anticipate the consequences of their behavior, which serves as a means to control their behavior.
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