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In 1973, homosexuality was removed from the DSM-III hence no longer considered a disease (Berg-Kelly, 2003), but many theories exist trying to explain its cause. One relevant to Samantha’s background was related to child abuse, as researchers have explored its correlation to homosexual orientation. One study (Balsam, Rothblum & Beauchaine, 2005) found that LGB identities reported more childhood sexual abuse than heterosexuals. They admit uncertainty of which factors correlates childhood sexual abuse with homosexual orientation, and they speak of public and political concern to determine causation. Would the world feel more comfortable with homosexuality if they knew what caused it?
Child abuse, like the one Samantha experienced and as discovered in other girls she met, is an important and common factor for many homosexuals, but it is not yet confirmed a cause of homosexuality. Although if proven, it might elicit acceptance and understanding, it will not erase the stigma, the same way becoming disabled from a car accident still implies being disabled and becoming part of a minori…