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Social penetration theory
Paper instructions:i
Social penetration theory
Theory: The social penetration theory proposes that, as relationships develop, interpersonal communication moves from relatively shallow, non-intimate levels to deeper, more intimate ones.
The social penetration theory states through self disclosure individuals proceed from superficial interpersonal communitcation to intimate levels of communication.
]–>Your paper should be submitted in the following format:
II. Historical elements and points of theory
III. Past & present research of theory
IV. Findings & results
V. Papers must be at least 5 pages in length, times new roman font, and single space. Make sure to include a title and reference page (at least 4 references) in APA style. In addition make sure to utilize appropriate APA formatting throughout the research paper. Remember the title and reference pages are not included in the 5 page minimum.
Clarifications note:
The Historical elements/points of theory include all elements from the philosophers and originators of the theory to inspirations and significant perspectives that led to the development the theory you have chosen. In addition include the explanations and foundations of the meanings/perspectives of the chosen theory. Lastly, this section should end with the expounding on the hypothesis of the paper.
To develop the Past & Present research of theory area of your paper, you first need to start looking at and choosing published research in connection to your theory and area of interest identified in your theory and hypothesis submissions. Next you have to decide on what present research element you want to implement of your own; for example you can choose research tools from the quantitative and/or qualitative methods. You may choose to do a survey, interview, focus group (group discussions), content analysis etc. Lastly in this section explain what you did & implemented for the research area in addition to explaining summarizing the past research (published works).
The Findings & Results area of the paper will include and summarize the outcomes from the research area of the paper. In this section of the paper discuss the commonalities from the past and present research results. Furthermore discuss the perspectives of whether or not your hypothesis was supported per the research findings.