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In this assignment a critical evaluation on the impact of social exclusion shall be implemented with overviews of both historical and current social policy. As a main point of focus, social exclusion shall be discussed in relation to victims of domestic abuse; from a children’s centre perspective. Discussion on how integrated services can reduce the impact of social exclusion shall also be examined, along with the barriers that might also prevent them.
The term social exclusion is widely contested (Parkin, 1979) as the term itself has no definitive definition. It is suggested the term social exclusion is used to refer to the term poverty or inequality (Levitas, 1996) as it has become the more fashionable terminology (Blakemore and Griggs, 2007). However it could be argued that an evidential shift has occurred as definitions of social exclusion no longer centre on poverty. Debatably there exists a wide acceptance that social exclusion is multi dimensional and prevents people from actively engaging within their community. This is evident by the Commission of the European Communitie…