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A. My interest in social work began at a young age. In middle school I started attending my school’s church and became heavily involved in the church’s youth group. It was then that I was first introduced to the act of service and what it really means to help others. As part of our activities, we would feed the homeless and visit convalescent hospitals to volunteer. By participating in these activities, I began to take interest in the homeless and elderly populations. Another avenue that sparked my interest in Social Work was a classmate’s father, who was a Social Worker for the county. He and I would have discussions about the duty of a Social Worker and I would constantly ask him questions to satiate my curiosity about the profession.
My passion for people continued through high school, as I stayed involved with youth group. After high school, I continued my education at Azusa Pacific University. I entered into the University undeclared, but I had been strongly considering Social Work as my major due in part to my experiences. Once I made the decision to move forward and s…