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In this essay I am outlining a case study based on a person receiving social care. I will be using relevant theory and will critically discuss the relationship among the service user, carers and family members, and relevant social care practitioners, within the context of working in partnership with service users. Amongst other matters, the discussion will cover issues arising from inequality in society and user involvement.
I was working in a school for two years as a learning mentor and I worked in partnership with G for one year and half, my role was to work with pupils of all abilities who needed help to overcome difficulties that were getting in the way of their learning such as family problems, bereavement, bullying, low self-confidence or poor study skills.
As a learning mentor we have to identify any difficulties that are preventing the young person from reaching their full potential and agreeing targets for attendance, academic achievement, timekeeping, homework, help pupils with study skills, revision and examination techniques, and develop anti-bullying tactics.