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America has a long history of perpetrating great injustices against minority groups during wartime. The author of “Freedom vs. Security” and chief Newsweek editor Fareed Zakaria traces these acts of racial profiling all the way back to 1790 during the French-American War (Zakaria 308). Such injustices are usually “overreactions to a limited threat” (Zakaria 309). Zakaria identifies the current mistreatment of Middle Eastern-Muslims within the United States as a similar overreaction (Zakaria 309). In the war on terror, an unfair emphasis has been placed on the race and religion of terrorism suspects. This use of racial profiling as a tool in the war on terrorism is questionable at best. Alternatives such as smart profiling may be promising, but requires some modifications before it protects the right of all citizens.
Some believe that racial profiling is a myth. People such as failed conservative Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork, the author of “Civil Liberties After 9/11,” feel that racial profiling “does not exist” and believe that “the idea [of racial profiling] rests on false a…