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Sleep deprivation and sleep disorders – How does sleep loss affect us, and what are the major sleep disorders?
Evaluation of a web site that covers this topic.
include – the title of the web page and the address of the web page, begining with http://
-include a summary of the purpose and the content of the website along with detailed information about the topic coved on the web site.
-include at least one new thing about Psychology that you learned from website.
-cite where in our txt book the topic is discussed, and how the website info compared to info on the topic in the txt book. Comp are specific points.
TxT book is – Exploring Psychology 9th edition, by David G. Myers
Chapter 3 – Consciousness and the two-track mind
sub section 3-8 – Sleep Deprivation and sleep disorder
include an eval of the website including if the website has extensive and useful info, and if the info seems to be reliable, and written by authorities in the field. Report who the authors are and their credentials.ORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!!