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Discuss the role Singapore can play in helping her ASEAN neighbours
develop their economies, and how this can benefit Singapore in the
long run.
The ASEAN community consist of member countries Singapore, Malaysia,
Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Brunei
Darussalam, Laos and Myanmar, whose collective will is through
cooperation and friendship and through joint efforts and sacrifices,
secure for their peoples and for posterity the blessings of peace,
freedom and prosperity. Upon the foundations as a major maritime and
air transportation hub for the region, Singapore has developed as an
“international financial capital”. At the same time, it is still
highly dependent on its neighbours due to its inherent resource
scarcity and small size, and despite its sound economic fundamentals,
including the largest per capita government surplus in the world, the
future economic success of Singapore depends largely on the success of
its ASEAN neighbours. Therefore it is in Singapore’s best interests to
help its neighbours prosper and this essay shall examine the role
Singapore can play in doing so, as well as how this can benefit
Singapore in the long run.
Singapore is the financial hub of Southeast Asia, and has been
consistently ranked at or near the top among preferred international
investment cities and top choice for a regional headquarters (FEER 13
December, 1996). With such an influence, Singapore can use its
economic wealth, expertise an…
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…ot do any
party any good if there were to be any political upheavals that might
threaten to disrupt our development.
In conclusion, the development of the other ASEAN economies benefits
Singapore greatly as it creates endless opportunities and opens up new
markets and generates employment that tap on the managerial and
administrative expertise of Singapore. Strong regional economic
performance is definitely desirable for Singapore as it promises a
vibrant economy and prevents our economy from stagnating. It also
gives foreign investors greater confide