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In today’s society, people are debating if “virtual” child pornography should be banned. Most people believe that it should, while others believe that it should not be banned at all. Since the Supreme Court decided that “virtual” child pornography is legal, most people have felt that they have made a horrible mistake. By check many articles on this topic, I have decided to use two fairly good articles, written by two well-known editors, Wendy Kaminer, editor at The Atlantic Monthly, and Paul Rodriguez, editor of Insight on the News. Even though I agree that “virtual” child pornography should be banned, Kaminer presented a stronger argument that “virtual” child pornography should not be banned.
The article, “Virtual Child Pornography Should Not Be Banned,” by Wendy Kaminer, argues that “virtual” child pornography should not be banned because no child is harm. Kaminer serves on the national board of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Kaminer claims since no “real” child is being harm in the production, it should not be banned.
Kaminer start her argument by saying that it is …