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Should Race be an Issue in Collge Admissions?
One of the first questions that people ask me is “What country are you from?” I originally took this comment as an insult, but then saw that this comment came from the ignorance of people in my community who had seen very few Asians. Realizing that my peers were just curious about who I was lightened my tone and I began to laugh every time I got that question. For me it was hilarious that I could be mistaken from really being from another country. I am half Chinese and half Caucasian and was actually born in Alabama. My ethnicity has helped me in many ways though. It has helped to distinguish me from my peers and may have helped me get into college.
Getting into college is a wonderful thing to experience and affirmative action has helped minority students get into colleges have this experience and education. Many minorities are not given the opportunity to better their standing in life and use of affirmative action in college admissions has opened a door for many of these people. Conservatives argue that affirmative acti…