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In the mid 1950’s Dr. Martin Luther King started a crusade to gain equal rights for his race. Over several years he was able to convince President Kennedy to pass legislation on discrimination. Since then there has been a great debate on whether affirmative action should be rescinded from our laws. In 1964 the Civil Rights Act made discrimination illegal. Two authors, Ward Connerly and Paul Kivel, have taken different stands on this issue for and against. I will make a critique to see which author makes a stronger argument.
Mr. Connerly states that when the electorate in Washington state passed initiative 200 that it was the starting point to end affirmative action in the United States. He believes that this will end preferential treatment for minorities. He also states that his will end America’s responsibility to blacks for past wrongs.
A question was posed by Ward. Why did the voters chose to ignore all the pressure from outside groups and end the system of preference? His answer was simple, The Declaration of Independence which say’s “all men are created equal”, this is the…