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Shiseido Business Analysis
Shiseido was founded in 1872 in Japan and started to export its products in 1929. Therefore the company has had the advantage of being one of the first movers. This is one of the reasons why Shiseido’s products have reached a high degree of market penetration.
S: The main strength of Shiseido is that the company is focusing on offering high quality products. In order to do so they developed a unique strategy of combining Western technology with the regional needs of every country in which their products are sold. Their ability to adapt to the special requirements of the market and their endeavour to invest into research and the development of their products have contributed to the development of the companies reputation, especially the laboratories’ world-class research in dermatology. All these aspects are responsible for the brand’s international recognition being one of the key factors for high sales figures. In fact Shiseido focuses on corporate brands.
W:On one hand this makes it easier for Shiseido to sell its products, on the other hand li…