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Sexual Violence in the CA Missionization Process—History Ignored
“In the history of Western civilization writ large, rape is an act of domination, an act of power. As such, it is a violent political act through sexual aggression against women”.
–Antonia Castaneda
Essay Question/Topic: In California, the history of the missions is taught in the fourth grade and usually it is a sanitized version of the true history, and usually the main project involves building a mission. Rarely does it include an analysis of violence.  Menchaca introduces us to process of racialization during colonization and missionization in California (Chapter 5).  And Castaneda in her essay looks at how sexual violence was introduced to the native peoples of Alta California, as well as analyzes its effects on the missionization process (for both the Church and the native peoples).  For your next assignment, you will examine and analyze the missionization process in California. What were some of the important themes that emerged in the readings (Menchaca and Castaneda)? What specifically was the role of the Church in this process and what difficulties did they face, especially in regards to stopping the sexual violence? What impact do you think racialization and the castas had on this process? Finally, what does it reveal about early CA history and how do you think some of this hidden history can be included in 4th grade curriculum? (Hint: you can even do a brief search on the internet, to look at various sites that have curriculum ideas and projects for teachers and students in the 4th grade and critique them briefly).
•    The review must be typed and be at least 2 ½  full pages. You must not exceed 3   pages.
•    It should be double-spaced and in standard font (No fonts larger than 12)
•    At least 1 inch margin on all sides of the paper.
•    It should be proofread and use standard and formal English.
•    Short essay format, with an introduction, body and conclusion.  You also need a thesis statement.
•    Be sure to use short quotes as supporting evidence and reference your authors/materials.
•    NO TITLE PAGE IS NEEDED. You are to write your name on the top of the paper, nothing else.
What to avoid:
•    Avoid commentary that merely states your pre-established opinions.
•    Avoid commentary not derived from the reading.
•    Avoid rambling.
•    Avoid summary of the readings.
Remember:   The entries should not be summaries of the author’s ideas but exhibit your own original thoughts and reactions to those ideas.